Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Dang this month is flying by. In this month, my son and I got hit with a killer 2 week long cold, he learned how to sit up unassisted (which doesn't come without a few head bonks every now and then), and we invested in a DockATot out of sheer desperation for a good nights sleep.
Now that he is SEVEN months new, I feel like we are settling into a solid nap rhythm throughout the day. He takes three great naps, all around the same time every day. Which I'm sure will change when he hits his next growth spurt and then I'll be thrown for a loop all over again.

Here's my baby gear crush list for April:

+1 MONKEY MAT: This is my new favorite thing. I love to be outside with my son and sit in the grass. We normally bring one of his swaddle blankets out to sit on. But, my husband found this mat at a local sporting goods store. It zips up nice and small, it's machine washable, and water resistant. All for the price of $12. I have no guilt if this workhorse gets a grass stain or two....or twenty.
Get your Monkey Mat here.

+2 BIRD TEETHING NECKLACE: My son is grabby. He is so interested in any and every necklace I'm wearing. I love this teething necklace because it is wooden and minimalistic. Plus, it's a serious bargain buy. I rubbed mine with some coconut oil to help preserve it since the bird comes untreated. You could also rub it with a stick of beeswax.
Shop for the necklace here.

+3 DOCKATOT: I remember when I was pregnant and I first read about the DockATot system. I lol'd at the price. I knew I'd never spend that much on a glorified pillow. Yet here I am, singing the DockATot praise song every morning. This item is life changing. But why is it so great? Because babies like to be snuggled, especially when they sleep - or at least mine does. The DAT provides that snug surrounding for your sweet babe without you having to actually hold and cuddle them all the time. Because while it's heavenly to do that, it's also a little scary when you have a spouse who has no sense of someone else in your bed and rolls about as he pleases - including on top of his wife on several occasions...cough cough. Jojo sleeps in his DAT either in the Pack'n'Play in our room or in his crib. It's also been great at helping us transition him to his crib, slowly transition, because I'm not quite ready for him to be out of our room yet. It's kind of like when you travel and just have to take your favorite pillow with you wherever you go or else you can't sleep soundly. The DockATot is a big investment but it has changed Jojo's sleep patterns. He sleeps significantly longer stretches since we purchased it.
If you're looking for a DAT but can't quite bring yourself to paying the retail price, there is a DockATot Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook which also gives you a code for $10 off a new one retail.
We have the Deluxe size which is recommended for 0-8 months. Joseph consistently comes in at 1% on the growth chart and has plenty of room left in his DAT before we will consider upgrading to the Grande size.
Visit DockATot's website here.

+4 COMOTOMO TEETHING TOY: Teething is the topic of daily discussion at our home. My son is a drool monster with a solid ZERO teeth right now. But that doesn't stop his desire to chew on everything. I love this toy because it is easy to grasp and simple. The legs have small nubs on them to soothe gums and satisfy the chewing urge.
Buy on Amazon by clicking here.

+5 OOGIE BEAR + NOSE FRIDA: Remember that terrible black plague cold we fought for 2 weeks? It came with buckets of congestion. I was constantly cleaning my sweet boy's nose. I used the Nose Frida aka Snot Sucker for wet congestion. Trust me, you will not get any snot in your mouth when you use it. There is a filter. The Oogie Bear got used for quick clean outs of dry mucus in his nose. It's also much less strange to use in public than the Snot Sucker.
Buy Oogie Bear here. 
Buy Nose Frida Snot Sucker here. 

What are you baby favorites right now? Leave them in the comments below!