Monday, March 13, 2017

Mom's are bombarded every single day with tons of products for their babes. Here's my current crush list for March:

+1 DWELL + SLUMBER DRESS: because when you're a nursing mom, your clothing choices revolve around ease of feed-ability. These dresses are literally perfect. The modest neckline has snap closure and not buttons. I don't know about you, but when my babe is hungry, he wants to eat NOW. He doesn't have time for me to wait to undo buttons. The dresses are a midi length, it hits about mid-calf on my 5'3" frame. The pockets are generously sized but not bulky. The fabric, oh the fabric, it is so soft. I wish I had this dress while I was pregnant to take me through labor and start out my nursing journey. The company is expecting to restock later this month, follow them on Instagram for updates and sign up for their newsletter on their website. Their dresses sell out in minutes!

+2 GATHRE MAT: taking changing mats to the next level. These things are beautiful, and surprisingly affordable. Made from easy to wipe bonded leather, these beauties come in four different sizes (from changing pad to play mat size) and several modern colors. Bonus, they fold up nice and small to go into your already overstuffed diaper bag.
Snag a mat here.

+3 WILD BIRD RING SLING: I love to babywear. It's one of my favorite bonding times I've got with Jojo. Ring slings are great for when you need to wear baby on your hip so you can, ya know, do things other than stare at your perfect baby all day. My Wild Bird RS has gotten softer the more we've used it. This company is getting a cult following and has beautiful spring colors out right now. I'm currently crushing on sage - all the heart eyes.
Shop for a ring sling here.

+4 ECOPIGGY ORTHODONTIC PACI: I went a little obsessed with finding an orthodontic paci for my son. It had to be latex free and I wanted to see it in stores. I like to see new things before I buy them. I stumbled upon these pacifiers at Whole Foods and got really excited. Now all I had to do was pray my son would take it. Because the other orthodontic pacis I tried to stick in his mouth, he gagged on and gave me a look of betrayal. But I was able to rejoice when he happily started sucking away on these. Now my fears of him having buck teeth, like some creature from Deliverance, are temporarily relieved.
Get one of their pacifiers here.

+5 ORIBEL PORTAPLAY: this wonderful device is similar to an exersaucer/jumperoo but without overstimulating lights and colors. My son has already shown how he's just like me and gets over stimulated pretty easily. This play center is great because it doesn't need batteries and the colors fall right in the range of modern brights, plus I don't hate how it looks sitting at the edge of my living room. If you want to store it away, the entire thing folds flat.
Purchase a Portaplay here.

+6 SOLLY SS17 COLLECTION: can I just say I love all of the new colors Solly released for this Spring/Summer launch? I'm especially lovin' the Baltic blue. My Solly wrap is something I do not leave the house without. I can put it on quick and Joseph loves to nap all wrapped up next to me.
Shop the Solly SS17 collection here.

+7 CALMIE BALL: my love of natural rubber is also found in Joseph's favorite ball. Another little gem I discovered at Whole Foods is the Calmie ball. It's nice and flexible, and has textured sides to help with sore teething gums.
Buy the Calmie here.

+8 JUNE + JANUARY HOODIE JUMPER: jumper's are my newest favorite article of clothing for Jojo. Things that are footless work best for us right now. Why? Oh because my son hates footed PJs. He kicks nonstop and whines until he can get them unsnapped and let his feet be free, or I give in and change him. You see my issue? So we like footless jumpers/rompers/whatever you want to call them. J+J has some colors that are pulling at my wallet right now, like avocado and poppy.
Browse all of June + January's styles here. 

+9 SLOUCH HEADWEAR: as much as I want my son to wear a bonnet, my husband just won't let it happen. Slouchy beanies are oh-so-cute on baby boys. I swoon every time Jojo wears one. Slouch has some amazing colors but I'm really loving the knit version right now. We've still got some winter left in Colorado so this is perfect to keep his little head toasty warm.
Buy from Slouch here.

+10 SPECTRA S1 PUMP: I went from the standard little yellow box (you know which one I'm talking about) to this beautiful cadillac of a breast pump. I didn't know that it was possible for your nipples to not hurt while you were pumping - but now I know! Stay tuned for my full review.
Buy the Spectra S1 here.

What's on your must-have list right now? Leave it in the comments below!