Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When my husband was in respiratory school and still a bachelor, he had this awful picture of the different kinds of snot on his living room wall. No lie.
That picture now lives in the storage room in our basement. Because I'm a nice enough wife that I won't throw it away. But not nice enough to let him hang it in our living room.

Boogers are a big subject when you've got a kid - Especially since my husband is a Respiratory Therapist. He's constantly evaluating his nasal, throat, and lung health. Like most kids, Joseph HATES the bulb suction. Especially this time of year, we're needing to use it pretty often.

A friend in my mama group told me about the Oogie Bear. Oogie Bear is basically the best invention since disposable diapers. It's sole purpose is to pick boogers and ear wax. The design of the tool makes it so you cannot stick it too far into your babe's nose or ears. The collection loops on either side of the bear are 2 different sizes, a loop end an a scoop end. We find the scoop end is best for ears right now. You just go in, swipe around, and you're done.

The first time we used it, Joseph didn't cry one bit. Not gonna lie, I feel a little strange whipping this thing out in public and then having strangers stare at me while I shove it up my son's nose, but whatever. It gets the job done.

This for sure hasn't replaced the suction bulb we received at the hospital when Jojo was born, but it's less traumatic for him. If he's really snotty, I still use the evil suction bulb, and it comes with a full on cry from my sweet boy. I try to keep our public appearances as least traumatic as possible - because moms already get enough grief as it is.

Oogie Bear is now on our must have gear list. I make sure I don't leave the house without it. I can imagine when he's a toddler this will replace the finger-up-the-nose....or at least I hope it does.

Click here to buy Oogie Bear.

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