Monday, January 30, 2017

Joseph started teething right around 3 months old. The drooling....oh the drooling. I have to pack extra outfits for him not in anticipation of blowouts, but because he will soak through his shirt if isn't wearing a bib.

We tried all of the teething remedies we could find, essential oils, over the counter meds, toys. ALL. THE. REMEDIES. Since Joseph isn't quite into the frozen toys, *yet*, we had to find other options. Our routine is now carefully narrowed down to 3 specific items that actually work for us.

+O N E
Boiron Camilia Teething Drops are part of our Subscribe & Save orders on Amazon. I panic if I start to run out of it before our next order arrives. This product came onto the marker about 20 years ago and has proven it's worth. We only need to give one dropper a day to keep our little man happy.
Click here to buy Camilia. 

+T W O
Amber teething necklaces can be iffy. There's a lot of fake ones on the market that will not provide relief for your babe. These necklaces are NOT for babies to chew on. That's something I definitely didn't know until I began to research them. The amber gives off succinct acid that provides pain relief for teething little ones. They're supposed to help with growing pains as well. Our necklace is from Powell's Owls. I did my research on the company and learned they are genuine Baltic Amber. That's what you want in a teething necklace. We don't leave this around his neck at night. Since he wears footed sleepers, we wrap it around his ankle at bedtime.
Click here to buy from Powell's Owls. 

+T H R E E
Like I said, Joseph isn't into teething toys right now. But he's been diggin' this Baby Buddy Baby's First Tooth Brush. It's a crescent moon shaped silicone teether with bristles on either side. It's the right size so he can hold onto it and the arch fits into his little mouth. He loves to chew on the bristled area and around the edges. Since we've got all of the teething toys, I was hesitant to buy another but this is now something we use daily, if not hourly.
Click here to buy Baby Buddy Baby's First Tooth Brush.

What are your favorite teething toys? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. Hello,
    I've bought a great multi-colour amber teething necklase from about a month ago for my little girl. After only a couple of days wearing it she started sleeping better and she also looked visibly more relaxed and calm. Didn't think this necklase would work, but I was wrong. Also it looks very nice :)
    Best wishes,