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$1 store finds!

So if you know me you know I'm obsessed with being thrifty and saving a few bucks. Now in all seriousness, i know that ends up with me spending more in the long run because i end up buying more 'cheap' stuff then i should. Oh well.... I'll work on it lol.
My son is in love with the minions so I was ecstatic when i found this cup at the dollar store. Especially since he's so over simple sippy cups. Insert hair toss daaaarling.

The second thing that had me omg-ing is a stylus/pen. The ads for the expensive version have been all over and even basic stylus' are usually $5 or more so i was so happy when i got one for $1! Dollar high!

What are some cool things you've found at a thrifty store?

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He called me a bad mom

I admit it. I have horrible taste. Mostly in men but it extends to fashion as well. My ex called me a bad mom. Growing up in an abusive house almost made me laugh at him. I mean me a bad mom? I'm so protective I'm practically a helicopter mom. I never leave their side and I'm always there to kiss their booboos. So why would he say that?

I literally laid in bed for hours trying to figure out what I did that would make me a bad mother. I tell my daughter to watch her brother often. But I'm always in the same room or the one next to it studying. I never party or drink. I don't go out. Hell i dont even have friends anymore because my life is so centered around my beautiful babies.

So why would he say I'm abusive and I would lose my kids? Such an easy answer. He's crazy. No seriously, he's abusive. After laying here still considering it I've realized oh well. Who cares what he thinks. I already know I'm a great mother, not perfect, but for my kids I'm amazing. That's all that matters is how they see me. I know i could improve but who can't? I'm not gonna let one person change the way I see myself. I love my kids and I'm proud of the mom I am! 😃😀😊

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Blah blah lazy Thursday

I feel like today is a Friday. Or maybe Sunday. Idk. Today i have nooooo energy at all :( my kids are currently out in the backyard with their grandma while i lay in the bath trying to relax.

But of course i cant. Im not comfortable right now, my daughter keeps coming in and screaming, and I'm so anxious i feel a panic attack coming on. For no reason of course.

Deep breaths.

When will I get better? Ugh.... Hope y'all are doing better then me!

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